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Say Farewell to RuneScape Classic

The RuneScape Team has announced that it is time to say Farewell to RuneScape Classic. To be clear, RuneScape and Old School RuneScape will still be playable.

RuneScape Classic was the first version of RuneScape, released in 2001.

For many years, we’ve left all of the content from the original game available to play. Whilst it’s seemingly been happily plodding along since then, it is with great sadness that we have taken the difficult decision to say goodbye to RuneScape Classic, which we will be winding down over the next 3 months.

In the news post on the RuneScape website, the RuneScape Team points out that RuneScape Classic has some technology issues. The advancements in technology tools that support both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are no longer compatible with RuneScape Classic.

This causes a problem in community safety and macro detection tools. RuneScape Classic is now “easily abused with the use of 3rd party macro tools, and botting has become an increasing issue.”

In addition, the RuneScape team points out that they feel they can no longer offer long term service reliability in RuneScape Classic due to the growing risk of unrecoverable game breaking bugs. These are bugs that they won’t fix – most of them they cannot fix due to the unsupported nature of the game.

The RuneScape Classic servers will be taken offline on August 6, 2018. The RuneScape team wants to give players the opportunity to have their last goodbyes. After that date, it will no longer be possible to log in to RuneScape Classic.

RuneScape is Coming to Mobile Devices

Jagex is home to the iconic massively multiplayer online roleplaying game RuneScape. They are a tribe of over 300 passionate game developers and specialist teams, and are headquartered in Cambridge, UK.

Jagex has announced that RuneScape is coming soon to mobile devices. Those who want to know more can register interest on the RuneScape website. The registration is in the form of a survey titled “RuneScape Mobile BETA Sign Up.”

RuneScape will soon be available on mobile devices. That’s right – RuneScape. The game you know and love, on your phone or tablet, with a mobile-optimized interface and cross-platform play between mobile and desktop versions. Your game, your character, anywhere!

Jagex says that RuneScape Old School Mobile is coming this winter, with RuneScape Mobile “hot on its heels” in 2018.

Teen Arrested for Trying to Steal Digital Currency

It’s one thing to be arrested for trying to rob a convenience store or “knock over” a bank, but Humza Bajwa is facing up to 15 years in prison for trying to steal pretend currency with pretend cash and using a pretend gun.  The bizarre crime took place recently at Fordham University in New York.

Allegedly students David Emani and Jonathan Dokler decided to sell their RuneScape coins for the real money sum of $3,300.  The buyer, Bajwa, initially tried to pay with counterfeit money, but Emani recognized the fake cash.  At that point, Bajwa pulled a fake gun and forced Emani to call Dokler and initiate the transfer.  The gun Bajwa pulled on Emani turned out to be a BB gun, which he held to the victim’s head during the phone call.  Once the transfer was complete Bajwa left the scene, leaving the counterfeit money behind as evidence.

Bajwa has been charged with second degree robbery and grand larceny with a bail set at $20,000.  He faces up to 15 years in jail.  For the record, RuneScape doesn’t endorse selling or trading of the coins and may begin enforcing lifetime bans for those caught doing so.

Source: NY Post