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EcoSquid helps you Recycle your Electronic Products

EcoSquid helps you find a place to recycle or sell your electronic products. It is a search aggregator. You put in the item you want to sell or recycle. The site will ask you about the condition of the device.  Whether you have the charger, cables, instructions, any CD that came with the device and even the original box. Once that information is filled in EcoSquid will give you a list of vendors that will either pay for the device or recycle it. It also shows how much each will pay for the device. You can also see how other people have rated the vendor. Once you choose the vendor you like EcoSquid then sends you to the vendors site.

After that all the transactions are done through the vendor. EcoSquid only searches for resellers for cell phones and mp3 players. They will help you find recyclers for your other electronic products including monitors, laptops, ink cartridge and rechargeable batteries. EcoSquid has an interesting page showing a map with the breakdown of the EcoSquid Stats across the U.S. It also shows the top resellers and recyclers. it is nice have to a single place to go to find a reputable reseller or recycler.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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