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Quik Pod – Get Yourself in the Picture

Jeffrey chats with Merrin of Quik Pod, getting a demonstration of their extendable handheld tripod, the Pro Plus. Basically, you put your digital camera on the end of a long stick, set the timer, hold it up in front of you and, click, you’ve taken a picture of yourself in front of a famous landmark.  No need to ask a stranger to take the picture only to find he’s chopped your head off.  Weighs in at 3 oz, so it’s perfect for travel. $29.95.

The latest version, the Quik Pod Mobile, extends this to smartphones such as the iPhone, with an adaptor gripping the smartphone. Attached to the tripod, the smartphone can be used for hands-free video calling or simply just watching video at a convenient angle. $29.95.

Also new, the Quik Pod DSLR extendable monopod is the big brother of the family, holding larger cameras up to 25 lb out to 53″. $49.95.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of The Geekazine Podcast.

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