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PuddingBeanQ is a Robotic Companion for Kids at CES 2017

RooboOne of the promises of the 21st century is a world full of robots. While we haven’t exactly made it to that automaton-filled vision yet, artificially intelligent technology is becoming more and more commonplace in our everyday lives. This has definitely been evident during this year’s CES show. One of the latest robot-inspired devices to debut at the trade show is PuddingBeanQ, billed as a robotic companion for kids:

…small robot, PuddingBeanQ, that can answer those innumerable “why” questions from young children at the CES 2017. According to company sources, PuddingBeanQ answers the questions under eights ask of life, the universe and everything. It also teaches music and basic maths and will understand up to 50 languages.

PuddingBeanQ harnesses the power of the internet to access various types of stories and education material. This large knowledge base allows the little robot to keep kids’ minds engaged, helping them to grow and learn:

Roobo has established a strategic partnership with Nuance to integrate learning and data-driven AI to create a conversational interface and encourage human interaction.

PuddingBeanQ has rich, human-like emotions that appeal to young kids and will react to human touch, plus instigates interactive games that encourage movement.

Roobo is expecting to officially launch the PuddingBeanQ product line in March of 2017. No word yet on pricing for this robot.