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Griffin’s PowerMate Bluetooth is Now Available

PowerMate BluetoothGriffin Technology has announced that its highly anticipated PowerMate Bluetooth is now available. The PowerMate Bluetooth is a wireless controller with a sleek look. It can replicate key commands and system events in virtually any application.

The new PowerMate Bluetooth has the recognizable blue glowing base (as did the PowerMate that was first introduced in 2001). PowerMate Bluetooth uses Bluetooth LE (Low Energy/ 4.0) to connect with any compatible Mac computer within a 30-foot range. It eliminates the need for wires.

A newly redesigned PowerMate Manager application makes it quick and easy to program (both for beginners and advanced users). Users can add custom commands to any Mac application with a simple twist or click. PowerMate can also be used as a volume knob and is configured to work with iTunes and other audio applications right out of the box.

What can you do with PowerMate Bluetooth? You can shuttle through music and movies, scroll through long documents and spreadsheets, and use it to pan and zoom in creative applications. It can be used to spin and edit in DJ and music applications. You can program the LED in the base of the PowerMate Bluetooth to indicate system or inbox status. PowerMate Bluetooth can be used to resize and reconfigure tools and brushes in illustration and photo programs.

PowerMate Bluetooth is now available for $59.99. The original PowerMate is still available for $45.00.

Griffin Technology Introduces the PowerMate Bluetooth and the Merchant Square Case

Griffin Technology showed off two items at CES 2014. The PowerMate Bluetooth and the Merchant Square Case .

The PowerMate Bluetooth is a programmable device which connects to your Mac through Bluetooth. It can be programmed to control various applications. You can use it to control volume, scrub through video, play and stop music and much more. You can program up to six different functions or key commands. It will be available sometime this summer for $59.99.

Merchant Square Case

The Merchant Square Case is a joint effort with Square. It is a case made specifically to work with the Square Card Reader. When in use the Square Card Reader fits snugly into the case. This prevents Square Card reader from moving when you go to swipe a card. It also has a grove to guide the card into the reader. Once you are done using the reader, you can store it in the back of the case, so you never lose it. The Merchant Square Case is available now for $19.99.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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Griffin Debuts PowerMate Bluetooth at CES

PowerMate BluetoothGriffin Technology will unveil a new, wireless, version of its PowerMate at CES 2014. The device has been described as “a clickable knob”.

You can program it to execute a wide range of key commands in nearly every application. It can also function as a volume knob and mute button for Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Mac computers.

PowerMate is preset to work with iMovie and Garageband “right out of the box”. It can also be customized for uses outside of multimedia. Spin PowerMate like a wheel, and it will quickly move through large multimedia files, spreadsheets, and word processor documents. You can also click it like you would a mouse and use it to select text or preform commands.

The design is simplistic, yet eye catching at the same time. It is made of brushed aluminum and has a blue, glowing, base. Users have the ability to control the behavior of the pulsing LED light that is in the base of PowerMate. It has a futuristic look that enabled it to do a “cameo” in the 2013 movie Pacific Rim.

PowerMate for Bluetooth will be available in Summer of 2014 at a price of $59.99. You can check out the newly updated, wireless, PowerMate at CES 2014. It will be on display at LLVC, North Hall, Booth #5306.