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Announcing the 3rd Annual 24hr Podcast!

24hrThe third annual 24hr podcast is slated for Saturday Dec 12th starting at 11am EST. It is a charity event to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.  You can follow them on Twitter @rmhc When my father was killed in an Automobile Accident several years ago my niece was with him. Her injuries resulted in long-term Intensive care. Without the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis, Indiana my sister and her husband would have incurred huge financial cost to stay in hotels in the local community. Ronald McDonald house was there to help.

My family is grateful to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and I look forward to sending them a big fat check.  We have raised thousands of dollars in previous years to select charities as part of my annual 24hr podcast.  I encourage you to donate this year as well.

This year during the 24hr Podcast we will have a special event and that will be the 2009 People’s Choice Podcast Awards Ceremony. I figure it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

S1If you want to appear on the 24hr Podcast I encourage you to send me an email @ geeknews@gmail.com, topics I cover with a variety of guest during the 24 hr event include. Podcasting, Science, Technology, Social Media and any other topic that I think will be of appeal to my listening base. This event has been well followed in years past and I look forward to another successful event.

Guest will be able to appear live this year on our newly configured video conferencing system, which install was finalized today.  This will make for a much more dynamic event. Audio conferencing will be provided once again by the good folks at TalkShoe.com