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Photo Stream, Rough Waters Ahead?

One of the features that was released with iOs 5 was Photo Stream. Photo Stream takes the pictures you shoot with your iOS device and automatically uploads them to your iPhoto Library, Apple TV, and any other iOS device you have. For this to work you have to set up each device. On the iPhone, you go into Settings, then Photos and turn Photo Streaming on. Under that same setting you can also set up how you want the Photo Stream slides to run and whether you want to keep standard photos along with the HDR versions. Also make sure that Photo Stream is turned on under iCloud in Settings. Do the same thing on your other iOS devices. On your Mac go into System Preference and under iCloud there should be a check mark next to Photo Stream. You also need to make sure your iPhoto or Aperture application have been updated, if it has you will see Photo Stream in the left side bar. If you have an Apple TV you will need to update that also.

Once you have everything set up, anytime you take a picture on your favorite iOS device it will show up almost immediately on your Mac, Apple TV and any other iOS device you have. You can also set it up so that pictures you import from a digital camera to your iPhoto or Aperture library will go into your Photo Stream. When I say almost immediately I mean it. So if you share your iPhoto or Aperture library with someone else, beware that they can see the pictures you take as soon as you take them. If you are taking pictures of something that you shouldn’t be doing to show off to your friends make sure you turn Photo Stream off first. I can bet that someone somewhere is going to get in to a lot of trouble because of a picture posted by mistake to a Photo Stream. The other problem with Photo Stream is that once a photo is on Photo Stream it stays there for 30 days. The only way to delete a photo is to delete the whole photo stream. I like the idea of Photo Stream and if you don’t share your iPhoto library it’s a great feature. However as I said above I do see potential problems if you share your iPhoto or Aperture Library.  Do you like Photo Stream or do you see it causing more problems than it solves.