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Pebby Smart Ball Entertains Your Pet at CES 2018

Your pet would love for you to stay home and play with it all day. Unfortunately, you have to go work. Pebby is a smart ball that entertains your pet while you are away. Best of all, the Pebby app allows you to remotely interact and play with your pet from anywhere.

Todd visited the Pebby booth at CES 2018 and spoke with Thinesh. The Pebby ball has many ways to entertain your pet. It allows pet owners to talk to their pets, record videos, and snap photos. The Pebby ball has a camera in it that connects to the Pebby app. Pet owners can maneuver the Pebby ball via the app by using the joystick icon.

The Pebby ball can make sounds. Press the cat icon on the app and the Pebby ball makes a “meow” noise. Press the dog icon and the ball makes a “woof” sound. Talk into the app, and your pet will be able to hear you through the Pebby ball. The Pebby ball has a laser on it that pet owners can use to entertain their cats. Put a Pebby collar on your pet, and it unlocks the auto-play function. The Pebby ball will follow your pet and encourage your pet to play.

To recharge Pebby, roll it into the Pebby wireless charging dock. Four hours of charging time gives you two hours of optimal non-stop playing and 12 hours on standby.

You can preorder Pebby for $189 USD. Pebby is expecting to deliver in Quarter 2 at $249 USD for the Pebby ball, Pebby dock, and Pebby smart collar.

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Pebby Brings Smart Robotic Pet Sitter Ball to CES 2018

Pebby is a robotics company that designs and manufactures pet products infused with technology to strengthen the bond between pet parents and their pets. Sybo Tech Singapore developed Pebby, the world’s most advanced robotic pet sitter, enabling pet owners to interact with their pets anytime and anywhere.

The Pebby “ball” can be remotely controlled via the Pebby companion app for (for iOS and Android). The app houses a 1080p wide-angle video camera and four powerful lithium-ion batteries to empower pet parents to watch, interact with and capture their pet’s cutest, candid moments in real-time. Live footage streams to the Pebby app.

Via it’s accurate 3-dimensional control systems, dual independent suspension, the Pebby ball remains stabilized at all times. Made in a pet-friendly size (80mm in diameter), Pebby features an interactive/multi-design inner casing, built-in LED lights for “Night Vision” Mode, and LED glow rims. It also houses built-in speakers and a laser toy that is safe for humans and pets.

The Pebby “ball” will begin shipping in late Q1 of 2018. Its MSRP is $249 USD.

Visit Pebby at CES 2018 in the Sands Expo, Hall G, Booth # 51122.