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One61 Ignites Pop Culture Fandom with New Wearable Tech Products at CES 2019

One61 Studio, known for its fully-licensed, pop-culture inspired and tech-driven products, connects users with the brands they are truly passionate about with reimagined wearable technology. Backed by licensing giant, Bioworld Merchandising, One61 debuted new smartwatches, smart wallets and powerful backpacks in new licensed designes with Harry Potter, Rick & Morty, Fallout and DC Comic Heroes at CES 2019.

Compatible with all iOS and most Android devices, One61 expands their cult favorite smartwatch line with three new styles: Fallout, Rick & Morty, and Harry Potter, debuting early 2019. Each unique design offers fans an immersive experience within each storyline.

Join Rick & Morty on their infamous adventures through the Smartwatch Dimension with integrated features and functions to get Schwifty. Bring Pip Boy into the 21st century with the all new Pip-OS V1.0.1, and explore the magic and mystery of Harry Potter.

Each device is crafted using premium, splash-resistant materials and includes a charging base, micro USB cord, downloadable App, and quick start guide.

The next evolution of One61 introduces a refresh in the brand’s tracker technology: FoundMi. Synced via Bluetooth and the Foundmi app, attach your Foundmi character on commonly misplaced items like phones, keys and tablets to reverse track their last known location.

Launching with an exclusive 8-piece Harry Potter collection featuring iconic characters like Harry, Ron, Hermione, and more, Foundmi expands their tracking technology to its new line of Smart Wallets equipped with card detection, drop alert, and wallet location functions.

Providing a cohesive integration of all products, One61 launched their Powered Backpacks to keep users connected and charged on the go. Each backpack is equipped with a charging station, USB ports, and roomy compartments for organization.

Designed with the tech-savvy user in mind, each Powered Backpack lights up with the touch of a button at three different speed settings. Choose from Batman, Wonder Woman, or The Flash, to sport a Backpack of the future.

The One61 Smartwatches retail for a starting cost of $150, Smart Wallets for $59.99, Foundmis for $24.99 and Powered Backpacs for $150.

One61 Studio Superhero Smart Watches at CES 2018

Smart watches have become popular. There are several brands and styles that you can purchase, based on your personal style and preferences. One61 Studio makes superhero smart watches that geeks will find appealing.

Todd spoke with Anand from Know Things at CES 2018. Know Things builds development tools that accelerate IoT and connected devices development. They partnered with One61 Studio to help them solve problems that developers face while creating a smart product.

One61 Studio has created a superhero smart watch line. They started with the Batman smart watch, which is based on the Batman played by Adam West in the ’60s.

The Batman smart watch can be used to take calls, get text messages, and everything else you expect from a smart watch. Know Things managed the Bluetooth layer to extend battery life, so you get 18 to 24 hours of battery even while actually using it.

In addition, they added some gamification. They call the Step Counter “Crime Fighting”. Take a certain number of steps, and the first villain Batman catches is The Joker.

The Batman smart watch is available now on the One61 Studio website for $124.99 A smart watch based on The Flash is also available now at $124.99. The Wonder Woman smart watch will become available in April for $149.99. It is a round smart watch that includes heartbeat detection (which is not a feature of the square smart watches.)

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