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GNC-2009-05-18 #478 TWC Call at End of Show

Official show ends 10 minutes before end of Audio file. Some bonus material after the end of the show. Lot’s to share tonight had a great weekend, hooked up with Trucker Tom we hit Fry’s and Guitar Center aka Geek Heaven. Lots of tech news tonight and congrats of course to the Hubble Heroes for their great work on Hubble!

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Listener Links:
Comcast Increases Lobbying Budget
Windows 7 Beta System Capabilities Check
Ann Arbor News R.I.P.
Soldiers being prepared for Telepathy???
Airman Notices Fuel Leak on Commercial Aircraft.

Show Topic Notes:
Hubble Heroes
Twitter and Facebook competing with Google?
AT&T Reduced iPhone Data Plans!
WiFi for your Camera
Massage chair for the brave!
Machines versus Man?
Plug guide for worldwide travelers.
FIOS from a Reseller at reduced prices!
Walmart replacing Compusa and Circuit City?
NASA tools used on Hubble
Tech IPO are back for profitable companies.
How much is your site worth if you want to sell.
Sarbanes Oaxley on chopping block?
Amazon EC2 adds automatic expansion.
Craigslist ask for Apology from S.C. Attorney General.
Seek and you shall find Twitter Users!
PowerPress plug thanks for the Mention.
Awesome Hubble Mission Pictures from Boston.com
P2P Filesharing is Fair Use?
1220 Pound Meteorite found in farmers field.
Is Gas headed to $5.00?
Windows 7 may be more expensive will you still buy it?
Lawyer in RIAA battle throws in towel after 130K in expenses.
Mac sails dip in April again!
Wolfram Alpha let me know what you find.
Toshiba sues over DVD Manufacturing.
Atlantis crew wraps up repair mission.
New Airport Rules require ID and Ticket Match.
Office 2010 already on BitTorrent sites.
Ball and Chain Study Ball :)
Relief to Drupal users in New Book.
Google tells all including your college work.
Movie Studios want ISP to admit wrong doing.