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Santa Trackers

Are you and your family interested in tracking the progress of Santa Claus as he travels to your home? There are some online Santa Trackers that can help you do that. They have interactive things on the website that provide additional entertainment.

Google Santa Tracker has a countdown that shows exactly how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Santa takes off. The website is set up something like an Advent calendar, with one interactive thing unlocked each day between December, 1, 2017 and December 23, 2017. It includes some online art activities, games, videos, and learning activities. The bottom of the website says: “Come back on the 24th and help us track Santa all night!”

If you prefer, there is a Google Santa Tracker app for Android. It appears to include everything that you see on the Google Santa Tracker website.

The Official NORAD Santa Tracker has a countdown at the bottom of the screen that shows the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Santa starts traveling. The website has a selection of Christmas songs to listen to.

Click on one of the buildings on the website and it teaches you about NORAD. Another teaches you about Santa, his sleigh, and holiday traditions. There are also a Music Stage building, a theater, and an arcade with Christmas themed media. You can also visit the Gift Shop to purchase Santa and NORAD gear.

Google and NORAD have Santa Trackers

Google Santa tracker logoParents of small children may find it fun to make use of a Santa Tracker. Typically, the TV news will include updates on Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve as part of their weather report. Now, you can check out two Santa Trackers right from your desktop.

The Official NORAD Santa Tracker is from the North American Aerospace Defense Command. It has a clock that counts down until Santa is on his way.

The website also lets you explore Santa’s Village at The North Pole. It has Christmas music, and a library of information about Santa, his sleigh, and holiday traditions from around the world. You can watch movies about NORAD and play several games in the Arcade.

The Google Santa Tracker also has a countdown clock. The rest of the website is filled with a bunch of Santa and Christmas related amusements that resemble Google Doodles. A couple of them are interactive games that you can play. The games are surprisingly addictive! One can spend a lot of time playing around with either of these two Santa Trackers.