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Find Your Niche

With the world’s population still booming and technology allowing more and more people to connect to each other, the opportunity to find a niche business is growing. I get really overloaded with all the things I can research and learn about online. I am constantly reading up on the subjects I am interested in most. It sometimes becomes hard to focus on what I am doing without wandering all over the information super highway. It used to be that a unique subject like quilt making was a narrow niche business. But now I really believe a website dedicated to quilt making by widows or NCAA team quilt making would draw a huge crowd, enough to make a profit if done right. Just think of the most unique business idea or niche website you can imagine and hit google to see how many sites are available.

The idea of most blogs or podcasts is to draw a huge audience if you want to make some money. But if you have a micro niche you don’t need to have near as many subscribers to be able to sell ads or even charge for membership. If you have 2000 dedicated fans of your football cap site you can monetize it as well as a general football site with 50,000 fans. With free sites like blogspot & ning you can pretty much do whatever you want with a site. And even though you don’t have unique branding you can still use domain forwarding to go to your free site. Ning is better than Myspace because it is the same thing but just more focused. Myspace is just too open where as Ning allows you to create a social network based on your idea. Facebook & Myspace are good tools to pull people together but if you intend to have a focused audience you need to have a focal point. To sell ads for barbeque sauce recipes you need a more niche audience than meat eaters. You need people who go to BBQ competitions every month & read a BBQ blog.