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Netatmo security camera jumps into the facial recognition game at CES


Facial recognition seems to be the hot thing in new security cameras — we’ve just seen it with the latest announcement from SimpliCam. But that isn’t the only product introducing this technology. Netamo is getting in on the act as well.

Why would you need this? Well, if you are monitoring your home remotely then you’ll know when one of the kids comes home, as the camera will register them. No reviewing video if they don’t happen to be in lens range when you check what’s going on.

In order to accomplish this, the hardware uses what Netamo calls Welcome. The service allows the user to customize security settings, in fact, for each family member. It also claims all the setup is simple — just plug in the camera and install the Welcome app.

Netamo is not yet available and pricing isn’t listed on the website, so stay tuned. It does seem an intriguing product that bears some attention.