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GNC-2011-01-31 #644 Warm and Sunny Honolulu

I have to admit, I would rather be here in Hawaii for the next couple of days, but when I was a kid there was nothing more fun than a snow storm. Enjoy the time off work, and know that I will be flying out on Thursday nite to head to the windy city for a couple of days and then back to Honolulu. I have a full load of news and commentary for you. Make sure you are subscribed so as not to miss any episodes.

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Chinese Travelators
Battle Canadian Band Width Caps.

Show Notes:
A Storm Be coming!
iPhone Explorer.
Effing Meteors.
Run a Private Torrent Site.
Amazon Streaming.
No more IP’s
MacWorld What MacWorld?
IE9 Command Line Installs.
Apollo 14 Anniversary.
Planetary Scale.
Shuttle on the Pad!
Shuttle on a Poster.
Hackers Go Old School.
Where the money is going!
Android #1
Egypt 100% Offline.
AT&T Tells all.
Google Exec Missing in Egypt.
Power Hub Organizer!
Google Docs Updated.
Progress at ISS.
Underground Data Centers.
Tunnel Sniffers.
Love Hormone & Jealousy combined!
Mass Infringement Lawsuits in 2010.
Phone and Net Shutdown.
Al Jazeera makes bold move.
China Censors at full capacity.
More Android Developers.
White iPhone makes Appearance.
iPad Newspapers!
Flickr and Yahoo ok for Now?
Clearwire fights back over Netflix.
Netgear CEO gets ugly on Jobs.
Comcast owns NBCU.
FCC say lawsuits filled were two early.
Google Double Standard.
LinkedIn IPO!
MS Browser really sick!
Canada Kills Net Innovation!
Guns and denial service of Attacks.
Intel has a big chip issue.
ISP’s want YouTube and Netflix to pay heavily!

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NBCU Appearance #2 CES 2011

On the third day of CES 2011, Tech Podcast Network had our second NBCU Universal main stage special appearance.

Unlike the first day when we ran into scheduling issues and had to use the Bravo stage, this time we were able to use the main stage at the NBC Univeral Studio.

Thanks go out to NBCU for allowing use the usage of their main stage.

This is an exciting look at some of the coolest products we saw at CES 2011.

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NBCU Day 1 Coverage from Bravo Stage

NBCU was nice enough to offer up their main stage for two events again this year, due to NBCU regular production time over runs we recorded our first NBCU event from the Bravo stage. What is funny is that we finished our 5 company interviews in 26 minutes, yet the program that caused us to not be able to use the main stage, recorded their 8 minute spot 5 times. What was different from take 1 to take 5 still has me still scratching my head, but the producer of that show obviously was not happy.

We had executives from Ford, iRobot, Red, Anti Sleep Pilot and Clickfree we could not not keep these executives waiting,and could not infringe on their time any longer holding them longer waiting for production at NBCU o wrap, so we had to shift to the poorly lit bravo stage. You will see in later videos from our NBCU day 2 coverage the deltas in what going from their main stage to the bravo dome. While I appreciate the support of NBCU and their allowing us to use their facilities we were disappointed that we could not give the companies we invited the appearance experience we had expected. Hopefully in future years we are given time slots that are a lot less conflicting with actual production of NBCU television shows.

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