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GNC-2009-07-28 #497 Late Night with Todd and Tech News

Late night recording here folks lots of tech as usual ton of email and some voicemail comments as always. Huge thank you to all our sponsors, support them the best you can and be sure to get a free trial to GotoMeeting it will change the way you do business online.

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Listener Links:
Taser can bring down 3 at once!
Apple Tablet and New Business Model!
United Airlines should not have broke his Guitar!
USS Normandy deploys to Atlantic
German Stealth Fighter WWII
Palm Pre Review #1
Palm Pre Review #2
GNC Ringtone get it Now!

Show Topic Notes:
More ads coming to a Movie near you!
Charge a Laptop in 2 Minutes?
Top Movie Torrents for July!
Walk like a Astronaut!
Dumber and Dumber
Vaccine for Colon Cancer Possible!
Do you ignore PC Security Warnings?
AT&T under Attack.
Broadband Speed claims not met!
UK Mars Rover to Launch 2018.
A 6500km wall to contain desert?
Skilled Immigrants Leaving the United States.
Microsoft and Amazon big Losses in Q2
Twitter Site Showdowns and Callouts?
Micorsoft Mobile App will it Matter?
Apple makes Music industry Happy.
Sleep on the ISS and other Info.
Blue Food Dye could stop Paralysis!
Emergency Patch Tuesday Today!
Shuttle / ISS Picture against the Sun.
CO2 Scrubber fixed on ISS!
Wifi for all Verizon Fios/DSL Customers!
Bio Fuel Breakthrough?
Skin Cells to Mice?
Is the AP even relevant?
Power Utility says Solar Customers show pay user Fee?
Google Voice iPhone Apps kicked out of App Store.
Smart Milk Jug
iPhone Image Tricks
New Storage Shelf
Would you share your Myfi connection?
Ten things you did know about Apollo 11
31 Stunning National Geographic Images!
31 Business Ideas for Facebook.
Live Video Streaming Suggestions.
Sprint Pissed off the wrong person!
Teens in Tech Critcized.