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myFC Releases Electric Cars from Wall-Fettered Chargers at CES 2019

Swedish company myFC showcases its products that will release electric cars and smartphones from wall-fettered charging at CES 2019. The products include the LAMINA REX, the JAQ Hybrid, and the LAMINA MAX.

LAMINA REX is a fuel cell powered range extender for the automotive market. MyFC initiated the development of LAMINA REX toward the automotive industry in order to solve the limitations of today’s battery technology and to support the electrification of the global car fleet, reducing CO2 emissions globally.

At CES 2019, myFC will show a demo of a car component with integrated fuel cells and two convenient ways to charge the car batteries. This demonstration proves how the company’s fuel cell technology can be integrated in small spaces to reduce battery weight and extend driving range with zero tail pipe emissions.

The JAQ Hybrid is the world’s first and smallest portable fuel cell power bank. The power card, micro fuel cell and power management system of the JAQ Hybrid are all under continuous improvement, and at CES 2019, live demonstrations of the latest system will be made. The JAQ Hybrid is trimmed and updated with all the required certifications such as FCC, PSE, IEC and CCC.

The JAQ Hybrid system is easy to use and always ready, providing connectivity assurance for the most unpredictable of moments. Single-use power cards containing water, salt and safe reaction components provide green electricity, and charge JAQ Hybrid’s integrated battery, providing convenient, green energy, always.

The JAQ Hybrid system has enough capacity to power one smartphone charge, depending on the capacity of the phone battery. It has an output power 5 W and a capacity of 2,700 mAh plus the energy the power card gives. It is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows smartphone, tablets, and USB 5V devices and fully compliant with international air safety regulations.

The LAMINA MAX – a deep integration of fuel cells in smartphones – is myFC’s latest offering. This offering provides smartphone manufacturers with a sought-after competitive edge and consumers with power gap relief.

The integrated fuel cell, which is still under development, currently builds less than 0.8 mm in the smartphone. Its dedicated PowerCard weighs about 30 grams and provides a full working day mobile activity extension. The reference design will be available for private viewings at CES 2019.

Visit myFC at CES 2019 an North Hall, Booth #6438.