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Beamz – CES 2009

Beamz-logoBeamz probably captivated us the most of any product we saw at CES. A truly innovative device that will provide hours of creativity in creating music. Watch at team member Andy McCaskey is just about besides himself as he tries this device out.Beamz-shot

The beamz is a unique, first-of-its-kind product that allows anyone to create harmonious music regardless of musical talent or experience. The product has six laser beams. Breaking any one of the beams with your hand triggers the system to play streams of musical notes or sounds. Every performance is a success because whichever beam you break, the music will always be harmonious. Play it alone or with friends and family for a fun group experience. This is a USB device with an Intel dual core processor and sells for $300. Visit www.thebeamz.com