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Meet the Limitless Innovations Charge Hub X3 [Review]

Charging hubs seem to be a dime a dozen these days – ok, they cost a bit more than that, but you get the point. That being said there’s also some great innovation going on these days. There now hubs with multiple ports to allow to charge things from one outlet. 

Today we’re looking at the Charge Hub X3 from Limitless Innovations, which makes a large array of products, many of them for charging. 

This is a three-port version and the plug that attaches to the back and plugs into the wall is actually a Macbook plug, although the device doesn’t appear to support charging one. When plugged in it has a blue indicator light on the front. The charging is relatively fast as well. It does not supply the charging cables, you’ll have to use your own, but pretty much everyone has those or you wouldn’t be buying this product. You can plug is whatever you want – USB to micro USB, USB to USB-C or USB to lightning. 

The company points out that “Our Charge hub X3 3 Port USB Charger is compact and ready to charge virtually any 3 USB devices fast with 2.4amp max output per port!”. It comes in 10 different colors – Black, white. Red, blue, pink, purple, green, grey, orange and turquoise. 

It’s available now for $39.99 at Limitless Innovations. There are also 5 port and port hubs for a bit more. It would be very handy when traveling with one charger for everything.