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GNC-2007-12-14 #325

I give away three cool products more info in the show notes. Congrats to the winners more prizes to give away through the end of the year!

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Special Give Away on the Show tonight. Big thanks to the sponsor Energizer and Pandora’s new message boards for providing the three Energi to Go portable power for iPod

Listener Links:
Check out my Interview on www.podcastingstudios.com/
Trojan.Bayrob Virus
Termination Shock
Good Science Discussion
xPCgear Official Site
iCarta Stereo Dock

Show Notes:
Kindle Swindle
Artic Sea Ice
ISP Privacy
iPhone Video Editing
Google Analytics Updates
MySQL Performance Tips
DivX Pro Free
Bad Astronomy
Drowsy Drivers
Auto-Playlist on Zune
Battleship Mtron
10 Worst Products
Apple Cinema Display New Model Coming
World’s data in iPod by 2020?
Kindle DRM Hacked
Bill Gates Snow Globe gotta have one
FeedDemon RC4
Movable Type goes Open Source
Politicans push Google on Privacy
Apple Top Podcasts
Blognation War Continues
10 Worst Gadgets of 2007
DMCA on the Radar
NASA to study of moon Interior
Shuttle Tanking Text
Talkshoe Mention of our 24 Live Podcast
CES Bloggers
Website Liability
Google Solar Power Report

Gems I Found:
Mark Cuban on Taxes
Natural Selection
Shower Floss