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IRTI Introduces Innovations in AI, Robotics, and ICT at CES 2022

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan’s largest and one of the world’s leading high-tech applied research institutions, announced it will introduce AI, robotics, and ICT technologies at its CES 2022 booth 9513, North Hall, LVCC.

ITRI’s featured technologies include the RGB-D AI Robot, a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree, the first collaborative robot that integrates smart 3D vision as a built-in standard; the Autonomous Selfie Drone, which flies itself to take the best picture based on advanced photography techniques; and the Interactive Time Machine, which automatically creates a unique real-time full-body 3D interactive avatar and experience combining a user’s motion, 3D model, surroundings and display.

The RGB-D AI Robot, a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree, is the world’s first collaborative robot featuring 3D vision as a built-in standard. The smart 3D vision sensing technology functions as a pair of sharp eyes on a robotic arm. It reduces the size of the sensor by 168 times compared with other robots, while increasing the sensing speed by 38.6 times. The smart 3D vision sensing technology provides automatic three-dimensional scanning on the object area and assists the robotic arm in determining the correct angle of picking up objects based on the shape and placement of the object.

Possible applications of the RGB-D AI Robot include sorting and packaging objects for smart automation in the manufacturing and logistics industries, while it also has potential use in retail or service businesses and healthcare to directly serve customers.

The RGB-D AI Robot also includes self-learning technology to enable fast, high precision, 3D object retrieval, eliminating the need for revising control programs to teach robots to identify new objects, which often takes one to two weeks. Whenever a production line is changed or new materials are introduced, the RGD-D AI Robot can automatically scan tens of thousands of training materials, quickly learning the best handling strategy in less than 12 hours. As the robotic arm becomes smarter, it can achieve auto-learning and recognize the pick-up or suction point for any new object. Consequently, engineering costs are greatly reduced and production efficiency is boosted.

The RGB-D AI Robot has obtained 34 patents in 16 areas and has been transferred to the world’s second-largest collaborative robot brand, Techman Robot, for commercial development, and is expected to reach the market by March 2022.

ITRI’s Interactive Time Machine is the first and only system that creates with AI a 3D interactive avatar from the user’s full body rather than from the face only; automatically generates a younger-looking avatar including the user’s surroundings; and forms a metaverse for avatars to interact with players in real time.

The user can move freely in front of the system, and the 3D model shown on the display creates the corresponding movements simultaneously. The user can interact with a virtual self that looks younger or older, which creates a unique experience that intertwines the real world with the virtual one. Use cases include VR/AR/MR gaming, personal entertainment, teleconferences where people meet and interact with their 3D models, and exhibitions for interactive activities to attract visitors.

Visit ITRI at its CES 2022 booth 9513, North Hall, LVCC.