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Apple’s White Buffalo – iPhone

A White Buffalo is a rare thing. The Native American nation regards them highly – a sacred item. The calf comes out with blue eyes, as oppose to any other albino animal, which normally have pink eyes.

So is a white iPhone the sacred device?

Apple announced the other day the white version of an iPhone will not be available until Spring 2011. The reason why is the case becomes too light and effects the Facetime camera. They cannot have that.

Coming out in Spring could mean that the White iPhone might be an iPhone 5 on that speculated Verizon network. After all, since we’re talking about mythical items (at this time), we might as well put it all out there.

Maybe it’ll also have an FM radio on it.

I am not sure why people want a White iPhone. Is it a stylish thing? Is it functional? Why not a Bondi Blue, Strawberry, Lime, Grape or Tangerine like the iMac G3 was?

Would a White case be the answer? Not really, for having a case on an iPhone is not the stylish thing. I have a case on my iPhone – then again I have a 3GS. Oh yeah – Black case 3GS.

Well, at any rate, the white iPhone won’t be around until next year. Just remember – even with some White Buffalos, eventually some start to brown. Just like the white 3GS’s did when the processor overheated.