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GNC-2009-07-10 #492 Big Shocker Tonights Show!

Big shocker tonight please do not send hate mail, I know your gonna send it anyway ;). Lot’s to share as well as a invite to come hang out for the Tech Podcast Network Round Table this Saturday. I also may have a live streaming event tomorrow at about 5:30pm HST visit GNC for more details. Plans for show 500 talked about as well hope you will consider being part of it. Special job announcement on the Podcast tonight as well looking for a extremely qualified candidate.

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Show Topic Notes:
Apple wants new http video stream protocol
Google Chrome OS
Google Chrome OS the Players
7.2 Billion in spending decided by unpaid Volunteers?
Space Solar
Pandora cuts a mind numbing deal!
Cyber attacks Galore
NASA needs it’s own DARPA?
CA Antivirus False Positives?
Microsoft left users exposed to big bug for 16-18 Months?
Amazon Kindle 2 price Lowered to $295.00
More Mac Malware on the Loose.
More Young Kids using the Internet.
Control Apple TV with iPhone or iTouch
Short URL’s causing issues for Antivirus Vendors
iPhone 3gs Hacking is real Smooth
NASA to try on Saturday Evening for Launch Shuttle.
6 Patches on Patch Tuesday
As fast as the Speed of Light!
New Rocket gets put together at KSC
18 Million more for Gov Recovery Website
News Corp hacking Mobile Phones?
ASCAP wants you to Pay for Video Embeds on your Websites?
The True Speed of the iPhone 3G Slow
How is it Possible this stuff was online to begin with?
Rogers Canada starts DOCSIS 3.0 50Mbps Service (Not Cheap)!
Jay Leno’s tools to recreate old parts!
We be slow here in the United States?
People working Cheaper, More duties and much Longer Hours!
Aviary Great Screen Cap Program!
Trending on Trendrr
Nokia N97 Suggestions.
How to Find Creative Commons Images on Google.
Twitter Pimps Firefox
Teen is beyond stupid lands in Jail for Online Stunt!
NASA Test new Abort System.
Ulysses mission ends after 18 Years!

ATT Passes on Free Commercial and Goodwill

ATT and Apple must be in a mini public war over the future of the iPhone.  At least I hope that is the case. Why else would AT&T have so botched their free PR opportunity at Apple’s recent unveiling of the iPhone 3G S? Let me set the stage of what I saw and heard. While watching the Apple Keynote address Scott Forstall was speaking about the new iPhone 3.0 software. He made the grand announcement that the iPhone will finally (emphasis added) have MMS. iphone3gsThen he added the caveat of “subject to the carrier support”. The next slide showed all the carriers ready to roll out the iPhone MMS service. As he transitioned he stated with a straight face (barely) “AT&T will be ready to support MMS later this summer. Next…” The audience booed.  AT&T has MMS on every other phone! Surely the iPhone implementation is close to the standards. Or is it as the recent Mac Roundtable podcast suggested, that the at&t system is so maxed out already that this new traffic would take it to the ground?

The second noted surprise came when Apple announced that iPhone 3.0 would make tethering possible. Once again the caveat was given about provider support.wireless-dsl-internet-digital-tv-services-and-phone-att Once again AT&Twas not on the list. This time Scott did not even mention AT&T . He simple started to transition to a new topic. The audience quickly noticed AT&T ‘s absence on the slide and from the speech. This time they laughed.

Even if AT&T will not be able to retain exclusivity on the iPhone, this was certainly a key event to be roll out ready for.  After all, no competitors are in the near future for the phone. Or is that exactly what AT&T is thinking? “We have no competitors so we will do no more than we need to.”

Another option is that this is a passive aggressive jab from Apple.  Pushing/bullying AT&T into compliance with their wishes certainly would be Apple’s style. Or perhaps Apple is simply paving the way to release the phone on other carriers while slowly working the AT&T partnership into publicity oblivian.   Seems wrong in that AT&T is still the only sanctioned US carrier.  And yet next time they may not even mention the first US iPhone company. Who did carry it first? Verizon? It’s such a distant memory.