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iDevices’ Devices and Services

iDevice iDevices which is well known for its iGrill. Introduced the iShower in September 2012. Now offers together with Targus the iNotebook. The iGrill is a bluetooth enabled meat thermometer, with a corresponding application for your iOs or Android device. You can keep track of your meats temperature from as far away as five hundred feet. This allows you to keep an eye on your meat while still entertaining your guest.  The app also allows you to see where everyone else is who is using the iGrill. If you click on the link on a location it will take you too their post on Facebook if they made one. You can post directly from the application to Facebook. The iGrill is $79.99 and is available on the website from Amazon and other retail locations.

The iShower solves the problem of having music in the shower or bathroom. They are water-resistant shower speakers. The iShower can handle up to five users. Simply pair the speakers with your phone and you are good to go. It will pair with your phone from up to five hundred feet away. Any music or podcast you have on your phone, be it from iTunes, PandoraSpotify and more can be streamed through the iShower speakers. TheiShower is $99.99 and is available at various retail locations

The iNotebook which runs around $179.99 and was developed along with Targus wirelessly transmits handwritten notes, drawings, and sketches to your iPad. The bluetooth enabled sensor and premium pen saves and transfers everything you write on the paper to your iPad. There is no special paper needed and it will work with any standard 8“ by 5” notepaper. The iNotebook can hold up to a hundred pages if the iPad is not available for later transfer. The notes are embedded with their geo-location, so you can later search for them by location.

iDevices also has a small in-house consulting service that works with businesses both large and small who are trying to build mobile apps for the iOs Eco-system. For more information about iDevices and their various products and services visit their website. I have to admit looking at the pile of notebooks I have I wished the iNotebook had been available when I was younger.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net. and Daniel J Lewis of the The Noodle.mx Network and the Audacity to Podcast

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