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College Humor Shows Us How to Make a Tech Commercial

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When I’m watching a commercial for a new tech device, I’m looking for an ad that’s fun. Thats cool.

Thats edited way to fast – fast- fast

With a lot of lines repeated a bunch, just like that – like that

And starring young professionals with creative jobs – jobs your not even sure exist.

I’m a wicker-weaver!

I’m looking for a commercial that uses words like – now – emotion – global – 相互接続した(Interconnected)

Spoken totally out of context – or in unison while laughing! Fast!

I want an ad with diversity. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy – or a girl. White – or black.

I want to see lots of small businessmen and women, like architects – gardeners – bakers – bakers – a whole lot of bakers – or at least someone holding a baguette, like me.

I’m looking for a commercial set to an Indy rock song, one that uses a lot of accordion – or glockenspiel –  or this instrument (pan flute).

Most of all, I’m just looking for a good product… shot. One with kids – cute kids, though.

Hey guys, can you see me? Hi! I miss you!

And a soldier. You know – emotional s**t.

Thats what will get ME to buy a smartphone – or a wearable computer – or a website that finally puts me in the driver seat – Whatever that means.

One more baker – and a logo without text.