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The iGrip Universal Car-Mount for your Phone and Bike

Many of us who have smartphones employ a car-mount so that we can use services like GPS and Google Maps.  The problem arises when you get a new phone and realize you need a new mount because they are usually proprietary solutions.  Enter the German company iGrip who has unveiled a universal windshield mount.  They were in Las Vegas last month to show it off at CES.

The iGrip Universal Mount can hold any phone from the standard 3.5 inch models like the iPhone up to the largest Android models on today’s market.  It has a standard suction-cup mount and the 3 adjustable arms.  Once you set the arms for your handset you simply slide it in and out.  The mount will auto-lock your device in place.  It even rotates between portrait and landscape modes.

In addition to the universal car-mount, iGrip has also produced a mount for bicycle handlebars.  The case that fits to the handlebar mount can also be used with one of their car suction mounts, plus it has a kickstand for the desk or nightstand.

You can see demos of both mounts in the video below and find out more by visiting iGrip.

Interview by Courtney Wallin of SDR News.

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