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Horizon Portable Fuel Cell

Tom interviews Kyle from Horizon Fuel Cell Technology which is introducing the world’s first consumer hydrogen fuel cell to the market. It’s been a long time coming and I think we’ll see more of these over the next few years.

Marketed as a USB charger for portable electronics, the hydrogen-filled HydroStik plugs into the MiniPak (the fuel cell) and generates electricity by combining with oxygen from the environment within the fuel cell. There’s a complementary home hydrogen generator, the HydroFill, that will re-fill the HydroStiks.  The MiniPak is hand-sized and each HydroStik will be able to re-charge a smartphone a couple of times.

The system will be priced at $99 for the MiniPak and two charged HydroStiks. The ‘Stiks alone are $9.99 and the HydroFill charger is expected to be in the $150-$200 range. Available towards the end of 2011.

Interview by Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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