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Hide what you want in Facebook

Working on Facebook everyday, I have been noticing more and more friends using the applications. They may be fun and enjoyable, but today I pulled up the program and about 75% of the posts were either Garden requests, quizes, high scores on some game or another program that bluntly, I just don’t care about.

I stopped using applications when Facebook changed their site around last year. I have a couple applications, like a birthday one and the origninal Hugs app, but that’s pretty much it.

The best part about this version of Facebook is that I can hide certain things. If someone is posting too much, I can hide it. If someone is being annoying, I can hide it (luckily I didn’t have to do that yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve been hidden simply because of how I use Facebook).

Nonetheless, I can not only hide a person, I can also hide an application. Here is how you do it.

First, go down to the post in question. Place the mouse cursor on the right side and you will see a “HIDE” option.

A Facebook application
A Facebook application

When you see the “HIDE” option, hover over. It will give you options to hide the user or hide the application. In this case, I want to hide the “Sunshine Garden” app.

Hide the App
Hide the App

Once I select, the application is forever hidden – at least I would hope it is.

The only 2 downfalls to this:

  1. I have to do this process on every new program that comes across. Therefore it’s a constant battle. I really would like to see Facebook make a “Hide all notifications from applications” option.
  2. If I am accessing from an iPhone, I do not have an option to hide things. However, the newer version of Facebook for iPhone has set it so if you hide it on the webpage, it will hide it on the iPhone app. The previous version didn’t, so I had to endure with all those posts.

I emplore Facebook to look at these options. I am not an application user. I want to be informed on what people are doing. I don’t want to miss some good information simply because some people are tending to their underground garden or are virtually drinking heavilly.

After all, what fun is that?