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Hanwha Techwin Unveiled the Wisenet-SmartCam N1 and N2 at CES 2018

Wisenet by Hanwha Techin America, a leader in consumer video monitoring and home surveillance products, unveiled their newest indoor cameras, the Wisenet-SmartCam N1 and N2 at CES 2018.

Featuring the latest in video surveillance technology, including facial recognition mobile alerts, seamless two-way communication, and soon to be compatible with the Amazon Echo Show, the newest cameras provide consumers with an easy all-in-one home security solution.

The new indoor cameras come in two models, the SmartCam N1 and the SmartCam N2. Both cameras feature 1080p Full HD monitoring, Face Recognition, and Full Duplex Two-Way Talk, but differ in audio detection capabilities. The SmartCam N1 has basic audio detection while the N2 includes Abnormal Sound Detection, alerting users on their mobile phone whenever a sound such as glass breaking, screaming, or a baby crying is heard.

The Facial Recognition and Human Detection technology featured in the SmartCam N1 and SmartCam N2 is enabled by Hanwha Techwin’s advanced Wisenet 5 chipset. With Human Detection, users receive alerts only when the camera detects people as opposed to animals or cars passing by, reducing false alerts.

When Face Recognition is enabled, the camera can detect a person’s face and sends an alert of an unidentified face or “interested face” through the Wisenet SmartCam+ app. Users can assign a name to the person’s face and add them to their “interested faces” group, so the camera recognizes the face for future alerts.

Users with a Hanwha Techwin SmartCloud service plan can also filter through videos based on specific individuals captured by face recognition.

The N1 and N2 also feature Full Duplex Two-Way Talk, which allows users to communicate simultaneously through the app and the camera. Parents out of town and looking to check in with the babysitter can see, listen and speak to them with ease, and the babysitter can communicate back and forth directly with them.

Users will soon be able to enjoy a truly connected smart home experience with a firmware update that integrates Amazon Alexa allowing the N1 and N2 to work with the Echo Show. Users will be able to view the cameras live feed on their Echo Show with a simple Alexa command.

The SmartCam N1 is priced at $149.99. The SmartCam N2 is priced at $199.99.

Visit Hanwha Techwin at CS 2018 Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D booth # 42546.