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Griffin’s Guide Cable Management System is Here

Griffin GuideNothing lights up the obsessive-compulsive side of my brain more than cable management. It can be very satisfying to find ways to organize all of the cables required by my electronics. But it can also be a frustrating process of make-shift solutions and messy cable clumps that only partially work. Fortunately, Griffin has come to the rescue with its Guide cable management system.

Guide consists of three grey steel bases and three anodized aluminum magnetic anchors in three shapes (small, medium and large) that are rearrangeable to capture and guide cables along any surface. The different shapes of the anchors allow for cables of various sizes to be held in place and gives users the option to use just one anchor, or a combination of all three.

Users can arrange Guide’s three steel bases anywhere to hold power adapters, Ethernet, phone, HDMI and charging cables, among others. The three bases and three anchors can be used together on one surface or separately on multiple surfaces.

Guide magnetic cable anchors are on the market now at a suggested retail price of $39.95 for a set of three anchors/bases. Guide is just one item in Griffin’s cable management line of products.