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Smashing Desktop Wallpapers

Smashing Magazine is a website aimed squarely at graphic and web-site designers but there’s some great resources there for all geeks.

First up, is a series of absolutely gorgeous desktop backgrounds for each month of the year.  October’s were released at the beginning of the month (unsurprisingly) and they’ve taken them a step further with the inclusion of a calendar on the backgrounds.  There’s plenty to choose from in each set – there’s 45-odd in October’s.

Secondly, I know Todd’s a great font fan and there’s an article here with 30 high-quality free fonts (some licensing restrictions apply.  The article in itself is a work of art as it shows you what the fonts look like.  Most of the fonts are text but there are a couple of specialised ones, such as the clothing care symbols.  I look at the fonts and the designs and just want to be creative.

NVIDIA TEGRA Worlds First Low Power Mobile Processor CES 2010

As you know Nvidia has come out with the NVIDIA TEGRA which is their very own low power mibile computer processor. A single chip solution that does it all. It is the computer processor, graphics card and all other modules in one. This chipset blew me away in the graphic load and performance. I have never seen graphics load this quickly and on a tiny mobile device.

Nvidia has hit a home run with the TEGRA Processor and is one of the few things from CES 2010 that made me want to break my credit card out for and pick up one of their tablets. I know you are going to be simply amazed as well.

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