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Casio fx-CG10 Prizm Graphing Calculator

Tom and Andy interview Mike Reiners from Casio America, who’s brought along the Casio fx-CG10 aka Prizm graphing calculator. This calculator is a long way from the 9-digit, 8-segment LCD calculators I used in my school education as the Prizm comes with a hi-res LCD color display (216 x 384 with 65k colours) making it the “first” full colour graphing calculator. There’s no touchscreen but there’s a little joypad for navigation.

You might be thinking that a colour display will munch through the batteries but Casio’s new Blanview LCD is extremely frugal and 4 alkaline AAAs will give 140 hours of typical use. Which is great because you really don’t want to run out of juice in the middle of an exam.

The video also demonstrates the use of a Flipbook, a series of photographic images which demonstrate an effect, such as acceleration or simple harmonic motion. The Prizm can then help the student understand the nature of the effect.

The Prizm won Design & Engineering Showcase Honors at CES in 2011. Congratulations, Casio.

Children today just won’t know the joy of putting in 5376606 and turning the calculator upside down.

Available now for $129.99 in Best Buy and on-line.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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Casio Prizm Graphic Calculator

One of the biggest problems with trying to teach mathematical concepts to students is it is hard to see how those concepts relate to the real world. For many students it is easier to understand if they can relate it to something they can see and understand. This is one of the ideas behind the Casio Prizm Graphic Calculator

Casio is a winner in the Design and Engineering Award Honoree for the Casio Prizm The Prizm is a next generation graphing calculator for the classroom. Students can use mathematical equations to create their own graphs over real life scenes, in this way the student can better understand the functions from the graphs that they created. The Casio Prizm has a high-resolution Blanview LCD color display with over 65,000 color. It has a full textbook style display with high-resolution fonts up to 18×24 dots (including blank dots) because of this the equations and text look just like they would in a text-book. The Blanview LCD uses low power it requires only 4 AAA batteries to run for up to 140 hours.

It has Casio’s proprietary “Picture Plot ” technology There are more than 55 types of picture included in the calculator which allows the student to create their own graphs over pictures displayed on the color LCD. This allows students to experiment by creating their own graphs over pictures of real-life scenes, and then understand the functions from the graphs that they created on their own. You can create multiple types of graph on it, including line, bar, circle. It allows color coding of specific values which makes it easier for the student to understand what is happening. It has an intuitive keyboard similar to a smart phone, The Prizm can be attached to the Casio Green Slim Projectors to project graphs and equations on a screen to be used in a classroom. It will be available in January 2011 for a MSRP of $129.99.