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Google Labs Launches Page Speed

Google Labs has launched a cool new open-source tool for webmasters called Page Speed.  It can be used both online or via a browser extension.  It allows users to analyze any website – not just the ones you have admin access to.  After running a quick analysis it will offer suggestions for how a user can optimize their website.

The analysis runs quickly and when it’s finished it will break down it’s suggestions by High Priority, Medium Priority, and Low Priority.  Within each you will find more detailed information such as “Optimize images” or “Minimize Redirects”.  Each suggestion is a hyperlink which, when clicked, will give more detailed information about how to fix that particular problem.  It also generates an overall score for the page out of a possible perfect 100 score.

The Page Speed test can be run from the Google Labs Page Speed site.  From there you can also download browser extensions for Firefox or Chrome.  The tool is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

GNC-2009-04-21 #470 New site is Live

Well folks it has been a long time coming but the new website is online and I am pretty happy with the performance and responses so far. There may be a few tweaks we have to make but overall I am a very happy camper with the design look.

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GNC-2007-06-19 #277

Congrats to our two newsletter winners, listen to win tonight. Lots of great content tonight late start here but lots of past show feedback at the end of the show.

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