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Google Plus Now Available for Google App Users

Google Plus I am a big fan of Google Plus and have been a member almost since the beginning. Anyone with a personal Google account could join Google Plus since the middle of September. However if you had a Google App account Google Plus was unavailable. I know of several people who refused to participate in Google Plus because of this. For example Cliff Ravenscraft of the Generally Speaking Production Network, who I follow on Twitter refused to sign up for Google Plus thru his personal account because of branding issues. He was waiting for Google Plus to become available for Google Apps accounts. Well the wait is now over for him and others like him, both organizations and individuals. Google Plus is now open for Google App users.

You can either turn on Google Plus manually through your Google App account now or if you have “automatically enabled new service” checked off it will happen automatically within the next couple of days. There are a couple of caveats, you must have Google Talk and Picasa enabled for this to happen automatically. If you do not have these two applications enabled, then you will need to turn on Google Plus manually. Once you have Google Plus turned on under your app account all members of your organization that have access to that account and who have a Google Profile will become a part of Google Plus. They can share both within the organization by the use of Circles or publicly. You can even share with people within your organization who are not in your Circles. You can have Video Hangouts with members of your organization and work on ideas and projects together using Google Docs, even if you are on the other side of the globe. If you are a business or organization, there are some things you need to think about before you start using Google Plus, I recommend taking a look at the support article by Google. If you do choose to join Google Plus, and participate in the community I am sure you will find it useful for your organization. Just make sure that you emphasize to members of your organization that it is important to share information to the correct Circles.

Where is App Development for Google TV?

We have seen some great demo’s of the Google TV and honestly I could not be more excited. As an independent content creator / podcaster, the potential upside audience growth potential is unlike anything brought to market yet. The dedicated podcast section is going to grow viewer / listener counts in a big way.  There will be come challenges, Bandwidth costs from Google TV audience growth is going to be a concern. The cost to deliver media is not a issue so long as advertising dollar spends keep pace with the listener viewer ramp up.

In the latest demo of Google TV we saw the Netflix and Pandora apps but no others?  At what point is Google going to open up the development doors so companies like mine (RawVoice) can start coding our apps to be ready for the introduction of Google TV?

If anyone has a contact at Google that I can reach out to please let me know, my team is ready to move forward with Google TV app development in a big way. With our successful channel apps deployments in both Roku, Boxee and anticipated apps on the Vudu box along with some platforms we are under NDA on. We know the importance of being on the Google TV, and want to be their as close to launch as possible.

Google if your listening, my team is ready to build media apps for the platform you can reach me at ceo@rawvoice.com. While I know on your website that you will not be ready until 2011.. Were ready now!

So are you as excited about Google TV as we are. We know it is going to be a home run of epic proportions and cannot wait for the platform launch.

GNC-2009-02-27 #455 On my way to Japan

On my way to Japan tomorrow morning, but dealing with a very sore back after a major fall here at home. Slightly worried about my connectivity in Japan but will keep you all advised if it looks like I will have to delay a show. Congratulations to Dale on winning PogoPlug.

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