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Snoball: Making Giving to Charity Social

We’ve all done it, at the start of the year we say we are going to give more to charity. We all have good intentions, but unfortunately for most of us we often fall short and at the end of the year we are scrambling to make up the difference. Many times we fail miserably. The process starts all over again with the start of the new year. This is the treadmill that Snoball was created to stop.

Snoball is built around triggers. A trigger can be anything from contributing every time some one retweets one of your tweets, checking in somewhere using foursquare or perhaps a weather event to name a few. Businesses can also set up a trigger on Snoball, such as for every person who likes their Facebook page they will give a $100.00 to a specific charity.

When you sign up you choose what the trigger will be, how much you want to donate and what charity you want it to go to. You can also set the maximum amount you want to contribute per month. You can contribute to any charity that is listed with the government as a 501c or an 170c charity (charter school). If you don’t know what charity to contribute to Snoball highlights a different charity each month. You can also search for charities that are local to your area. You can search by keyword, and any charity with that keyword in its title will show up. Snoball is attempting to do a listing of charities by categories and they hope to have that available to roll out soon. Snoball itself is for profit, however any money that you contribute to the charity of your choice thru Snoball is tax deductible. At the end of the year you get a report on how much you contributed and to whom. Ninety five percent of what you contribute goes to the charity, five percent is used by Snoball to pay for processing fees and overhead. Have you tried Snoball, did it work for you or did you run into some problems.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine Podcast and Andy Smith of Geocaching World

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