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Girl Scouts Expands Presence at CES 2016 with Digital Cookie 2.0

Girl ScoutsGirl Scouts have a presence at CES 2016 where they are showcasing Digital Cookie 2.0. It is the newly enhanced online edition to the iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program, and also a brand new Girls’ STEM Summit. Building on last year’s successful debut, Girl Scouts is expanding its presence to give girls a unique opportunity to learn from top influencers and present their latest technology at a world renowned trade show, as well as showcase all the organization is doing to address girls’ involvement in STEM.

Girls from two councils, Girl Scouts of Northern California an Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada will be at CES 2016 to demonstrate the enhanced cookie website, which has fun new quizzes, games, videos, and other activities for learning about budgeting and resource allocation using a “spend, save and give” model, as well as the mobile apps. In addition to being among the very first to purchase Girl Scout Cookies using the Digital Cookie this cookie season, CES attendees can experience first-hand the updates to the Digital Cookie platform by playing the games and taking the quizzes themselves.

Attendees can also take a selfie with STEM props that include all Girl Scout STEM badges. There is a sweepstakes people can enter by sharing on social media why they support girls in STEM by using #genSTEMgirls.

A Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) study uncovered that 73% of girls are interested in STEM-related fields. But without keeping them engaged, and showing them future opportunities, girls are more likely to “drop out” for other careers when they get to college.

In addition, the study shows that about half of all girls feel that STEM isn’t a typical career path for girls, and 57% of girls say that if they went into a STEM career, they’d have to work harder than a man just to be taken seriously. Though gender imbalance at CES has been a hot topic in recent years, Girls Scouts is focused on addressing gender barriers that start during childhood in order to empower the next generation of females in STEM. Girl Scouts’ presence at CES is a call-to-action for attendees, exhibitors, and press to support girls in STEM.

Visit the Girl Scouts, and check out Digital Cookie 2.0, at CES 2016 booth # 74760.

Digital Cookie Lets You Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online

Girl Scouts logoThe Girl Scouts have made it even easier for you to buy your favorite kinds of Girl Scout cookies. They have launched something called Digital Cookie. he majority of the 112 Girl Scout councils nationwide are participating in the Digital Cookie 2014 – 2015 cookie season. More are expected to join by the end of 2015 (when Digital Cookie 2.0 will be ready). The Digital Cookie program will start nationally in January of 2015.

Individual Girl Scouts can have their own cookie website. Customers can gain access to it only if the Girl Scout sends them an emailed invitation. No identifying information about the Girl Scout will be publicly visible. This makes things safer for the girls who get to control which customers they want to work with. It is also possible to purchase cookies through the Official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app.

One of the coolest things about this new program is that it allows people to buy Girl Scout cookies from any Girl Scout who markets her business to them. In other words, you can buy cookies from your niece or granddaughter who is a Girl Scout and who lives across the country from you. Those cookies will be shipped to your door.

Obviously, the cookie sales are a fundraiser. The sales also are very useful to teach important lessons. The process of selling cookies teaches girls 5 essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Digital Cookie will expand girls’ knowledge of and hands-on experience with online marketing, app use, website customization and e-commerce.