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Goal Zero Launches the New Yeti 150 at CES 2013

When Super Storm Sandy hit the Northeast in late October Goal Zero the leading manufacture of portable solar products was there. They contributed almost $600,000 in portable solar power products as part of their You Buy, We Give Program. They will also be at CES 2013. They will be showing off the Yeti 1250 Solar Power Generator which has been named an CES 2013 innovation Award Honoree and introducing the Yeti 150 Solar Power Generator.

The Yeti 150 Solar Generator weighs 12 pounds and produces 150 watts of power. It has built-in AC, 12 volt and USB ports. It can be charged by the sun in about 15 hours through its 15w Bolder Solar Panel. It is the perfect device to charge up lights, laptops, cell phones and more. If you need something more powerful than the Yeti 1250 Solar Power Generator is what you are looking for. It is built to charge refrigerators, freezers,  home health care equipment and other large devices. It has multiple DC, USB and AC ports with one master switch. It is easy to use and monitor and is rated for continuous usage It is quiet and produces no fumes so can be used safely indoors or out. It takes about 20 hours to charge up with the two included 30W Bolder 30 Solar Panels.

Goal Zero products including the Yeti 150 and Yeti 1250 are built to give people the security knowing that they are prepared if their power goes out. John Atkin, President and CEO of the Utah-based company said. “We (Goal Zero) design all our products to provide our customers with a sense of security. Whether you choose to b away from the grid or it fails our Yeti line of solar generators can help keep the lights on, your phone charged and your refrigerators working. You can follow Goal Zero on Twitter or Facebook. If you are attending CES they will be located at CES Booth Space Location: 35412.