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GNC-2009-07-23 #496 Submit Review on iTunes!

Hey folks you are going to get a laugh at the beginning of the show first time, I have done that. Also we need your reviews via iTunes or other sites you get the show from. Lot’s of tech as usual and a bit of soap box time throughout the podcast.

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Listener Links:
Amazon Kindle deletion Issue.
100 Ivy League Tech Courses (Open)

Show Topic Notes:
Chandra @ 10 years!
Gmail wish list!
Asus learns the power of BitTorrent!
Black Visa card comments and link!
Australia Police Wardrive for open Wifi.
Top 10 Wanted Botnets!
Rover on the moon by 2011?
New Moon Lander takes Flight?
Jailbreaking causes Hack?
3GS Encryption Junk?
Clearwire Adds more Devices!
Virtual School as part of Swine Flu Plan!
Apple drops suit against Wiki Site
FCC Comments on Net Neutrality.
Musicians still getting own music pulled down of YouTube!
Jupiter takes big hit!
CO2 + Spacewalk = Trouble
Apple iPod Fire Reports!
Gmail helps you unsubscribe from mailing list!
Google Maps ++ Features.
AT&T Quarterly Report.
Spinvox fights back!
More proof cameras coming to touch and ipod!
Yes you can change your name on Facebook now!
DOJ and President Obama against Google?
Sesmic Browser for Twitter!
Ladies will love this new Bluetooth device!
Final Cut Studio Updated!
Apple owns 91% of $1000 plus notebook sales. (There Expensive)!
Dell Adamo price dropped $500.00
Hadron Collider to fire up in November?
Google Wave Beta in September did anyone say IRC?
Computer shops still spying on your stuff!
Spot has new device!
Windows 7 RTM much rejoicing!
Chinese Hon Hai Worker dead?
Intel X-25m SSD
Rubik’s Touchcube to debut!
US Airways Wifi Availability
Firefox 30 Million Downloads.