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Flir Live Thermal Imaging – CES 2009

Flir_logo_smallFlir has introduced an Infrared system for automobiles. The technology that is now possible is simply amazing. Check out what Flir has available for your car in Infrared products.PathFindIR_apppage

FLIR Systems, Inc. is the global leader in Infrared cameras, night vision and thermal imaging systems. Their products play pivotal roles in a wide range of industrial, commercial and government activities in more than 70 countries. Pioneers in the commercial infrared camera industry, the Company has been supplying thermography and night vision equipment to science, industry, law enforcement and the military for over 30 years. It’s a FarIR technology that doesn’t required any illumination and it sees a lot further. The price point for BMW for the new generation products is $2600. They have a kit available that includes camera that goes inside the BMW exactly, a bracket and a cable this kit prices $2800 range.