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PixelOptics’ Electronically Focussing Eyeglasses, emPower!

If you wear glasses or are getting to a certain age where you need glasses to read, then you need to watch this video – it shows the future of eyeglasses.

After 11 years of research, PixelOptics have developed the world’s first electronically focussing glasses, emPower!, that automatically adjust the strength of the lens depending on whether you are looking into the distance or trying to read a book. The front of each lens is covered with a thin LCD film 3 microns (3 um) thick that can adjust the refractive index and power of the lens. The glasses themselves have a built-in inductive rechargeable battery that will last three to four days on one charge, but most people will charge them every night while they are asleep. Even if the battery runs out, the glasses will still work as ordinary spectacles at their default strength.

Cost is about 30% over a premium pair of spectacles with progressive lenses.

Totally amazing.

Interview by Interview by Jeffrey Powers of The Geekazine Podcast.

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