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GNC-2008-02-08 #346

Lot’s of super links from the audience today, the show is seeing explosive growth and I want to thank all of you for spreading the word on the show!!

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Zune Users Listener Critical Link To Read

Listener Links:
3D Desktop
Top 25 Linux Games
Nokia S60
Video Robot Army
Video Robot Army 2
RIAA wants Artist to Donate Blood
Artificial Voice
Planet Distance

Show Notes:
Apple Plugs Security Issues
Patch Tuesday on the Way
Danish ISP Fight back
Shuttle off to ISS
Google Challenge IT Administrators
Comcast Changes TOS
Podcast Fresh
Urban Outside
Progress to ISS
Google Traffic
Google Phone Demo
Internet is a Copy Machine
Nokia N82 is King
Wizzard goes on AMEX
Telephone Mania
Cable and Broadcaster Fight FCC
iPhone Safari Exploit
Vista SP1 on BitTorrent
NEC Offer Vista to XP Downgrades
Undersea Cable Repairs
Best World Travel Laptop
Save XP yea Right
Danish Keystone Cops
Universal ID’s for BC
Openid Grows
Increase Blog Subscribers
Perian Rules
Do not Call Permanent
AT&T 3G to Expand
AOL Dial-Up on For Sale Block
Mistakes in Starting a Business
Deposit Checks from Home!
eMarketer 18 Million Podcast Listeners