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GNC-2007-12-04 #322

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Listener Links:
DIY Diamond Thermal Compound
Is what this site is doing Legal

Show Notes:
More Leopard Issues
Marc Orchant
Marc Orchant blog post
Geothermal Easier to get to?
PayPhones RIP
Fame and Money Online not that easy!
Dinasour Mummy Found
Quicktime Vulnerability in Wild
QuickTime Flaw and Second Life
MP3 Format Gaining Speed
$999.00 Complete DNA Test
Cheap 2 Port HDMI Switch
Matt Cutts on PayPerPost
Apple Concept Flashlight
Yes the Audience is Online and you can reach them!
LiveJounal Sale Article 1
LiveJournal Sale Article 2
LiveJournal Sale Article 3
Who clicks on Ads Articles Slam Some Women
PayPal Store Widget
IRC Spy Engine DeadPool
Truth in Advertising on Magazine Subscription Inserts
Shuttle ready to go to ISS
Astronauts at the Cape
Young Girls win prestigious Science Contest
FCC wants to Cap Cable Growth
MP3 Blogs Fly Under RIAA radar

Gems I Found:
Cover Up?
Missing for 5 Years just shows up?
Cheapest Family in America
Comcast and TimeWarner not playing in 700mhz Auction
RIAA Copyright Angle Rejected