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Groupon Adds Some Personalization

Groupon has been the hottest tech company of the past year, even reportedly turning down an offer of $6 billion from Google.  They have approximately 35 million users, and I count myself among them.  If you are also among them and receive a daily deals email then you may have received a message about the new personalization options.  And, if you didn’t then you will soon.

When you click on the email’s link you will be taken to a quick 3 question “personalized deals” forum.  The forum prompts users to fill in their gender, zip code, and birth date.


The zip code seems a strange option since Groupon already has this information and uses it for the daily deals email.  As for using gender and age to target my deals I am not sold on how it will work.  After all, I am also looking for deals on things for my wife and kids.  Will Groupon recognize that my demographic may be married with children?  I guess that in the coming days I will find out since I filled out the “personalized deals” forum.  Wish me luck…