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Wikileaks Under DDOS Attack – Let The Conspiracy Theories Begin

Wikileaks announced via Twitter that it is under a massive denial of service attack.  The attack coincides with the planned publication of 250,000 documents later today.  The documents are apparently confidential diplomatic cables.

As it turns out, there may not be much of interest in this release.  Leaked copies of the German publication Der Spiegel appeared early on newsstands and according to German Twitter posts there’s nothing earth-shattering, at least from their point of view, in the documents.

The planned release is supposedly scheduled for 4:30 EST today in conjunction with the New York Times, the Guardian, and Der Spiegel.  Some copies of Der Spiegel, though, apparently appeared on newsstands this morning.

According to CNN the “United States warned WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange that publishing the papers would be illegal and endanger peoples’ lives.”  It was shortly after this news that Wikileaks came under attack, and the online rumors began almost immediately.  It’s not exactly a stretch to think the US government may have something to do with it.  There’s certainly no shortage of blame against them floating around.  As one Twitter user put it:

Perhaps we will never know who is behind the attack.  Perhaps we’ll find out who’s behind it through a Wikileaks leak, which would be irony at its best.  I would think, though, that if the US government were found to be behind a DDOS attack against a website, especially Wikileaks, it would cause a backlash on a massive scale.

GNC-2009-05-04 #474 You have to Watch to Win!

You have to watch to win! Video link is in the show notes.  One more show here in Honolulu before I take the show on the road. It will be a very busy May and June as farmers say you have to make hay while sun shines. No locked in travel plans yet for listener meet-ups but will advise when I can. Tonight’s show has some incredible stories that will cause your eyebrows to raise.

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Firefox hits projected 270 million users.
Verizon says WiFi for all broadband customers through Boingo.
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Some really great Flickr Search Tools from Mashable.
Amazing Story of a Rouge Botnet controlled by Good Guys.
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Sprint customers are leaving in droves bleeding red ink everywhere!
LexisNexis waits 5 years to tell customers of Serious Security breach?
MPAA and RIAA site feature TorrentFreak content through XSS hack!
Who have you shared your email password with lately?
16 Drupal Clones which are great if you can find someone to design a template!
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Ex RIAA Lawyer at DOJ to work RIAA cases after 1 year?
193 Lasers to Ignite and create Mini Star???????? Why????

Zafi Worm Comes with Christmas Greetings

Watch out for a special present included with your e-mail Christmas greetings. A mass-mailing worm, W32/Zafi.d@MM or Zafi.d, is making the rounds of e-mail users and is transmitted in the form of a Christmas greeting card with the subject line of either “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” The e-mail message will appear to come from one of your acquaintances.

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