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The Archos 35 Home Connect Could Be Your Next Nightstand Device

Recently Archos announced a new type of clock-radio, much like the Chumby.  It’s called the 35 Home Connect, and will be available in September at an MSRP of $149.  Archos is bringing Android to the nightstand.

With the 35 Home Connect you will get a slick looking device running Android, although the version is not listed and will likely depend on where Android is at closer to the release.  It has a small 3.5 inch screen with a speaker on each side, touch-screen, access to over 50,000 internet radio stations, and an alarm clock that “brings users weather, traffic, and news from the moment they wake up and features multiple alarms.”  Users will also have access to all of the vast Android Market of apps.

At only $149 (possibly cheaper with a good Amazon deal) this looks like a pretty cool device to put on the nightstand.  Pre-orders are not yet available, but I when they are I may take the plunge on this.  You can see details over at Archos.