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ClarityLife Redefines the Home Phone for Seniors

ClarityLife Home PhoneClarity, a division of Plantronics, unveiled ClarityLife at CES. It is an innovative communications platform delivered through Clarity’s Ensemble home phone that allows families to welcome aging parents or grandparents into their online social world. It can provide new insight and support for caregivers.

ClarityLife is primarily designed for older seniors who are living alone. It is aimed at strengthening both the senior’s physical and social well-being. Through ClarityLife, seniors can receive email, text messages, photos, and videos on Ensemble’s eight-inch tablet display. At the same time, ClarityLife helps keep family members and caregivers in-the-know on the senior’s daily activities through simple check-ins, medication reminders, or appointment reminders.

Seniors can press the “Check-In” button to send an email or text message to designated family members or caregivers and let them know they are up and moving. The caregiver can receive the notifications on their smartphone, tablet, or PC and will automatically receive an alert if the “Check-In” button is not pressed. ClarityLife’s “Call Me” button lets seniors send an email or text message to loved ones asking them to call when they get the chance. This allows seniors to reach out without feeling like they are being intrusive.

Ensemble also amplifies incoming voice so users can easily hear and understand conversation. It features a patented digital sound processing technology that functions like a hearing aid to make soft sounds audible and keep loud sounds in a comfortable range. Ensemble is also equipped with an answering machine and speakerphone. Ensemble with ClarityLife can be purchased for $399.00.

Visit Clarity at Booth # 31117 at CES.