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Rockchip IC Design House

Rockchip LogoStarted in 2001, Rockchip is a Chinese integrated circuit design company with 700 staff and three R&D centers in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. Daniel finds out more from Henry Chan, Director, and Yanyan Hsing, Brand Manager.

Although Rockchip probably isn’t a familiar name to most GNC readers, its chip designs are used in many products including Chromebooks and tablets, and on show at CES was a prototype Android wireless VR headset designed to show of the capabilities of their latest chip, the RK3288. With luck, we’ll see this incorporated into a consumer product in the next year or so.

(Apologies for the background noise in this interview.)

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Intel Advocates Overclocking – CES 2009

Intel_logoWatch as we meet with an Intel official advocating safely overclocking a notebook and in fact providing tools for overclocking with select Intel chipsets.

Each notebook manufacturer can choose which method they want to do to cool the CPU. What Intel provides is a safe way to unlock the chips to easy overclock and provide a software utility that allows them (OEMs) to overclock within the same parameter (and still keep it cool). For core 2 extreme quad-core processor each OEM is provided with the utility for this overclocking capability and its to them to decide whether they want to built it in to the BIOS or not. The overclocking utility is out now so check it out at www.intel.com.