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GNC-2007-06-26 #279

Welcome to Listen to a Podcast day and the streaming day of silence, no silence here and congrats to Sandy S on the cash award!

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Listener Links:
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Sorry CNET

Show Notes:
Wordpress FTP Plugin
PC World 100 Blogs
Techmeme Commentary
Sound of Silence
CD Obsolete?
ISS open for Business
Apple Patches
Microsoft Smart?
TorrentSpy Monitoring
Leopard Video
Web Analytics Screencast
Seven Reasons
Wine Temp Monitor
Car Tent
iPhone Line
Chinese Car Crash Rating
Phone Hacking and Stalkers
Apple History in Pictures
Rent Cheap
Virgin Shark Pregnant
All I can say is big ā€œLā€
RIAA gets Sued
Google Net Neutrality Questions
Samsung Solid State Drives