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Digital Innovation Products

Digital InnovationDigital Innovation introduced several products at CES 2013, including the Nest, the ScreenDr and the ChargeDr®. The Nest is a case that was built to solve the problem of tangled up ear buds. It is soft and durable and made of silicon. The earbuds wrap around the center and the case folds into itself. You pull the earbuds from the center so they automatically come out straight. The Nest is $10.00 and is available at retail stores and on Amazon

They also introduced the ScreenDr®. ScreenDr consist of an alcohol and ammonia free cleaning fluid which helps to keep screens clean of dust, dirt, finger prints and bacteria and a micro-fibre cloth. What makes ScreenDr unique is that the fact that the cloth is stored within the cleaning fluids cap. The ScreenDr comes in three sizes, a small bottle is $10.00, a medium bottle at $15.00 and the large bottle for $20.00.

The final product they showed was the ChargeDr® This is a small dongle that you attach to your laptop. It allows you to charge your iPad on your computer. Normally a laptop’s USB port doesn’t create enough amps to charge a tablet. The ChargeDr changes this by having the chip that is embedded in it talk to both the device and the computer. It tells the computer how many amps are required to charge the tablet, which then produces the correct amperage. It allows you to charge a tablet through a laptop at as if you plugged it directly into the wall. The ChargeDr will run $29.99 and should be available soon.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net and Daniel J. Lewis of the The Noodle.mx Network and the Audacity to Podcast

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ChargeDR claims it can boost USB charging time

If you have ever charged a device like a smartphone or tablet from a computer USB port then you have quickly realized how much longer it takes versus a wall outlet. There is a substantial power output difference between the two. Now a company has unveiled a new dongle at the Consumer Electronics Show that it claims will help fix this problem.

ChargeDR from Digital Innovations claims that it is designed because computers have less than half the power for charging smartphones and less than a quarter for tablets.

Until this can be tested by users it remains a steep claim, especially since the company loves to talk watts, but to my understanding amps are just as important. In other words, there may be a bit of snake oil in this claim.

The product is currently listed as “coming soon” on the web site and no price is given. GNC will attempt to get one for independent testing of the claims.

UPDATE: I have spoken with Digital Innovations and will be receiving a ChargeDR for testing and review.