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GeneASIC Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Platform at CES 2022

GeneASIC Technologies will be walking into this year’s CES 2022 arm in arm with its first product, GeneASIC Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Acceleration Platform (NGSAAP). The annual event deemed the most influential tech event and is a showcase of the latest innovation in design and engineering in the consumer technology segment.

GeneASIC is an ultra-fast on-premise NGS data analysis solution that enables direct and instant access to both rare and routine genotypes. The efficient system reduces the time taken for data transmission between end-users and cloud servers. Furthermore, as an on-premise turnkey solution, the system ensures data privacy and security. Gene ASIC NGSAAP accomplishes this by leveraging the company’s research and development capacity, combined with an innovative pioneering strategy.

The technology at the product’s core has progressed past conventional slow edge and cloud computing. 30X whole genome sequencing (WGS) data secondary analysis from FASTQ to VCF can be completed within 30 minutes. With approximately six billion nucleotides in the human diploid genome, even a seemingly negligible error rate of 0.01% could mean 600,000 errors throughout the sequence. A high coverage ensures the data is reliable and thus clinical-grade. While preserving accuracy, GeneASIC Technologies has managed to miniaturize the tedious sequencing analysis pipeline to a compact size. GeneASIC NGSAAP consumes less energy, thereby granting hospitals, general health check centers, and research institutes the power of genomics anytime, anywhere.

“This is an opportunity for GeneASIC Technologies to get a foothold in the UK market through NGSAAP and contribute to these efforts. Presently, the price of GeneASIC NGSAAP costs half the amount of other genome data analysis high-performance computing products,” said Alex Lee, Director of Research and Development of GeneASIC Technologies.

The GeneASIC Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Acceleration Platform will be showcased for the first time at the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Pavilion at Eureka Park, Venetian Expo 1F (Former Sands expo), booth #61423.

Aura Air Launches Enterprise Aura Web at CES 2022

Aura Air, the air purification company offering solutions that make air clean and safe, today launched the Aura Web Platform, an enterprise solution for businesses to maintain the highest standards of indoor air quality in public spaces. This new platform offers an extensive set of tools for businesses to manage and monitor multiple Aura Air purification systems at once by controlling every aspect of indoor air quality.

With the Aura Web Platform, users have access to insights, alerts and recommendations in real-time that enable them to take immediate action and proactively improve and maintain indoor health and safety. Additionally, they have the ability to set rules to automate devices, saving on energy while maintaining a clean work environment.

“As the workforce slowly returned to the office, kids headed back to school and travel and entertainment commenced, air purifiers became an integral part of keeping public spaces safe,” Roei Friedberg, CEO Aura Americas. “It is now clear with new ominous variants coming in waves that the need for safe air will go nowhere but only intensify and businesses that do not take this seriously will fall behind. With the launch of the Aura Web Platform, we want to offer a plug and play, trusted solution to help keep air safe and healthy in a seamless and intuitive way.”

The dashboard presents a full picture of both indoor and outdoor AQI. Aura Air has partnered with Tomorrow.io to power the outdoor air quality real-time data and gain insights and recommendations that provide a full air quality picture. Businesses will now be able to plan their week in advance by learning about upcoming road conditions and unhealthy air quality to create a smart and effective workflow. Current clients utilizing the enterprise platform include Molex. BHP, and CARR Properties among others.

Key features of the Aura Web Platform include:

Aura Rating: a unique system that helps customers improve their overall air quality by tracking CO, CO2, VOC, PM2.5, PM10 and climate. The Aura Rating will help set the industry standard for healthy indoor environments.

Aura Views: a variety of widgets that can be publicly displayed in various locations to highlight indoor and outdoor AQI and weather. Each user can personalize their views and even add a business video or website for display alongside the air quality widgets.

API: The interface gives users the ability to manage and control their organization’s Aura Air devices in real-time and enables third-party integrations with building management systems or other services.

Analytics (coming in Q1): customized segmentation and data-driven insights that can be used to enhance business intelligence.

Aura Air Product Suite at CES:

The Aura Air ($499) is a powerful smart air purification system that cleanses and disinfects indoor air through a unique 4-stage purification process while vigilantly monitoring quality in real-time. Aura Air detects, captures, and kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, germs, and allergens with their patented HEPA Ray Filter consisting of antibacterial layers that eliminate harmful gases, odors and fine particles.

The Aura Air Mini ($179) is a personal, travel-friendly air purifier that’s perfect for on-the-go so traveling can be done with ease and peace of mind.

The Aura Web Platform is an enterprise solution for businesses to maintain of indoor air quality in public spaces.

Visit Aura Air at CES 2022 in LVCC, North Hall, Booth #8463.

Moen Smart Water Network at CES 2022

Moen is connecting homeowners to their water like never before with the industry’s first of its kind, whole-home smart water ecosystem – the Moen Smart Water Network – including an expansion of the network in 2022 with new product and app innovations. Moen is leading the way in providing consumers with total control over the water in the home – from the water flowing through the pipes and exiting the faucet, down to the groundwater in the basement – all from one smartphone app for a truly seamless experience.

“It’s no secret that technology continues to enhance our everyday lives. And nowhere is that more dramatically evident than in our homes. But while water is one of the most essential elements in our day-to-day life, it has been mostly left out of the conversation, until now,” said Mark-Hans Richer, senior vice president, chief marketing and innovation officer, Fortune Brands Global Plumbing Group. “Our Moen Smart Water Network gives people the power to tap into the unseen network of water flowing through the pipes and valves behind the walls of their home – so they can control, enjoy and conserve the water running through their lives in ways never before possible.”

The Moen Smart Water Network is the first of its kind – a truly integrated system that gives consumers the peace of mind that comes with being able to monitor their water usage and detect leaks in their pipes, 24/7. It also enables them to automatically shut off the water before a catastrophic leak occurs and damages the home, as well as control the temperature and amount of water they need from their Smart Faucet – with all products controlled and working together within the Moen Smart Water App.

Moen Smart Water products are easy to integrate into the home and respond more intuitively to the homeowner’s needs – providing them with peace of mind, security, conservation, and customization. Each product within the ecosystem can work individually as a stand-alone device or connect with other smart water products through the smartphone app, providing users with unmatched benefits, including:

Automated water security: While homeowners go about their day, the Smart Water Security System is working in the background, 24/7, to monitor for potential water risks and leaks and can automatically take action to notify the user, shut off the water and help protect the home.

Water education: Homeowners can now monitor water usage, room by room, where Moen smart water devices are located. This data also helps users set conservation goals and be more mindful of resources.

Personalized experiences: Within the app, users can set custom presets that control the specific temperature and amount of water dispensed by their faucet, plus personalize preferred gesture for operation of Smart Faucets with Motion Control.

Voice activation: Users can seamlessly connect their Moen Smart Water devices to their existing smart home platform and use their smart speakers to activate fixtures, control water temperatures and dispense specific measurements for completely touchless interactions.

Piana Technology Named CES 2022 Innovations Awards Winner for E/SMART

Piana Technology, the 439-year old textile company known for innovation within the fiber and non woven textiles markets, announced that it has been named a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree.

The Innovation Award honors the outstanding design and engineering of E/SMART – a high-performance nonwoven fiber technology that surpasses the qualities of polyurethane foam while reducing its negative impacts. Piana will debut this technology at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, its first year in attendance, through their virtual activation experience.

E/SMART offers uncommon integration of digital wellness and product sustainability. Its recyclable and nontoxic fibers are vertically-lapped to provide even pressure point distribution, unprecedented airflow, and antiviral capabilities that outperform those of conventional materials.

Even at its reduced weight, it boasts superior compressional and thermal resistance for extensive applications. Flexible integrated pressure sensors within E/SMART can enable healthy posture and sleep quality through personalization of products. Piana Technology is developing this technology to act as a diagnostic tool in hospital settings. Combined with digitally-printed molecules, it can adapt to wide consumer requests for a user-friendly experience. At its end of life, it can be 100% reclaimed and molded for endless consumer possibilities.

Replacing the 1.3 million metric tons of annually landfilled PU foam with E/SMART would eliminate over 4 million tons of CO2 each year, leading to reduced impact on quality of life, health, productivity and slowed environmental decline. CEO Andrea Piana sees E/SMART as an opportunity to change the way Piana Technologies approaches sustainability.

“The modern world is reliant on materials of the past. If we want to maximize our human potential, we must develop new technologies that adapt alongside us,” said Andrea Piana. “With E/SMART, we’ve built a tech platform for the circular economy with renewable materials that can be upgraded as technology improves – without waste – for endless applications. Along the way, we can make foam obsolete.”

Piana Technologies began in 1582 in Biella, Italy. In 1995, Andrea Piana became CEO, ushering in an eco-friendly era for the company and opening their first U.S. factor in Cartersville, Georgia, before developing SaveDrop Technology and expanding into nonwovens. Today, Piana’s innovative technologies are used in B2B settings to power Fortune 500 companies in product categories including sleep, furniture, transportation, lifestyle, medical and in-flight.

The recognition of E/SMART’s capabilities as a CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree comes as Piana Technology prepares to launch direct-to-consumer products. E/SMART’s moldability, recyclability, and adaptability tied with intuitive molecular technology will lead us one step closer to a user-driven circular economy. As the market searches for zero waste solutions away from traditional habits, Piana Technologies will lead us into the future.

Experience the world of Piana Technologies at CES 2022 by visiting piana.tech/ces

Kohler Showcases Eight New Smart Home Products at CES 2022

Kohler, leading global brand, features eight additions to its smart home portfolio at CES 2022, focusing on enhancing wellbeing and making it easier for people to find peace of mind, including:

PerfectFill smart bathing technology is a smart drain, digital/app controller and Bath filler. PerfectFill draws a bath to a preferred temperature and desired depth with a simple voice command through the KOHLER Konnect app, reducing time spent monitoring the bath as it fills. Previously demonstrated as concept technology, PerfectFill will be available for purchase May 2022.

Anthem Valves and Controls – digital valves can operate multiple outlets, integrate into the KOHLER Konnect app, can be paired with voice assistants, and offer the unique functionality of independent temperature and flow control in each outlet. Paired with the immersive sprays of the Statement showerheads, handshowers, rainheads, and bodysprays, Anthem upgrades the shower through innovative technology and engineering.

Purist Suspend – ceiling-mounted kitchen faucet featuring a remote puck that manages activation, temperature and volume, and a fully adjustable hose with 180-degree rotation.

Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet – New category for Kohler, these faucets function with a simple wave of the hand, offer temperature control and operate by battery, offering an easy tech upgrade.

Kohler Power Reserve – A modular home energy storage system that pairs with solar power systems to provide homeowners with access to solar energy regardless of the weather, time of day, or status of the grid.

Robern IQ Digital Lock Box – a smart lock box that offers a compact way to securely protect valuables, medication and personal items. Digital Lock Box is equipped with a touchpad panel as well as an app to set and protect your password and ensure your items are secured.

Additional featured products coming to market in 2022 include Stillness Bath, a multi-sensory bathing experience inspired by Japanese forest bathing, and H2Wise powered by Phyn, smart water monitors designed to detect leaks and track household water usage.

Visit Kohler Company at Booth DO-1009 at CES 2022.

Jabra Boosts Jabra Elite 4 Active at CES 2022

Jabra announces its latest addition to the new Elite series, with the Jabra Elite 4 Active. Bringing the Elite Active range to a broader audience, the Jabra Elite 4 Active allows for a new year, new you attitude, particularly suited for those who love an active lifestyle, including popular workouts like yoga, boxing, or running.

This latest product in Jabra’s true wireless range allows for heavy usage with an IP57-rated water and sweatproof durability. Their athleisure design also guarantees a unique, secure fit, designed to stay in while you work out. At €119/$119, the earbuds offer a price-conscious option for those who are looking for a true wireless solution that does not only support their active lifestyle but offers excellent call quality to connect with friends and colleagues. While providing a long battery life of up to 7 hours of play-time (up to 28 with the charging case), the Elite 4 Active also boasts fast-charge capabilities.

Also unique for a product in this price category is the Alexa Buit-in or Spotify Tap playback experience and Google Fast Pair. The latter provides the experience of instant paring when switching on. This creates a seamless connecting experience to Android devices. The Spotify Tap playback allows for faster access to music. Both features make it easier than ever before to make the most out of your Jabra earbuds.

To ensure maximum focus for the wearer, the Elite 4 Active blocks out noise at the gym with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). In addition to this, the immersive workout music experience is further enhanced via the customizable equalizer. These earbuds also include HearThrough for added awareness. Perfect for urban runs, so individuals can remain safe with an awareness of their surroundings when running.

The Jabra Elite 4 Active offers great calls with 4-microphone technology, protected by a special mesh covering for added wind noise protections, so you can be heard loud and clear on calls. Adding to a comfortable fit outside of sports, with a wing-free, ergonomic design, Jabra also provides something for everyone, as these earbuds come in color themes consistent with the existing Elite Active range; navy, black, and light mint.

Calum MacDougall, SVP at Jabra, said, “We all understand the importance of keeping fit and healthy, but working at your own pace is essential. The new Jabra Elite 4 Active offers a relatable alternative for those who love an active lifestyle but are not looking for the intensity of its more aspirational sister in this range, the Jabra Elite 7 Active. Again, Jabra steps up to offer something that’s just right for everyone’s own personal journey.”

Elite 4 Active Key Features:

  • Secure active fit with ergonomic, wing-free design
  • IPS7-rated water and sweat proof durability
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • 6mm speakers and customizable equalizer
  • HearThrough technology for added awareness
  • 4-microphone call technology
  • Up to 7-hours play-time (up to 28 hours with charging case)
  • Use either earbud with mono mode
  • Alexa Built-in or Spotify Tap playback, and Google Fast Pair

The Elite 4 Active will be available from today and available at selected retailers for MSR €119/$119.

Visit Jabra at Booth 16746 CES 2022

Arlo Clinches 2022 CES Innovation Award for All-New Arlo Security System

Arlo Technologies, Inc., a leading smart home security brand, today announced the Arlo Security System, a comprehensive DIY security monitoring solution that rounds out the Arlo ecosystem for greater peace of mind. Recognized as a 2022 CES Innovation Award honoree, the Arlo Security System features a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one multi-sensor capable of eight different sensing functions – a standout feature compared to single-sensing solutions – a security hub with an integrated keypad. The system effortlessly works with Arlo security camera devices, the Arlo App, and Arlo Secure service plan to provide home and small business owners with the ultimate security and monitoring setup.

Consistent with Arlo’s philosophy to deliver simple, yet innovative home security solutions, the all-in-one multi-sensor can be configured for a range of security purposes. Capable of recognizing motion, door/window openings and tilt, water leaks, light/temperature changes, and T3 and T4 smoke/CO alarm versatility in a compact design and can be placed anywhere without hardwiring.

“We engineered the Arlo Security System to not only complete Arlo’s ecosystem but to address pain points common with other solutions on the market,” said Tim Johnston, SVP of Product at Arlo. “The system’s standout all-in-one multi-sensor simplifies life for consumers with its versatility ensuring they can enlist one intelligent sensor to tackle a variety of use cases. Additionally, the system seamlessly works with existing Arlo security camera devices in a user’s household to layer on important information for complete, whole-home peace of mind – a benefit not available with competitive offerings.”

The Arlo Security’s System’s modular hub serves as central control and offers built-in features such as a siren, motion and smoke/CO alarm sensor, and an integrated backlit keypad for seamless day and night management. The hub is also the first-of-its-kind to feature NFC technology so users can quickly arm/disarm the system with a tap of their mobile device. Users also benefit from ARLORF technology in the multi-sensor and hub which provides stronger encryption with larger range and anti-jamming properties.

Visit www.arlo.com for the latest news from CES 2022.