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GNC-2009-04-02 #465 No Clothes

Austin Meetup on Saturday lunch time details on the Podcast. No clothes in Texas my bag has been found but not yet delivered. Portable Studio showed up at least so the show can go on.

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Listener Links:
Federalization Cybersecurity
Honda connects to your Brain

Show Notes:
Where gadgets go when they die!
More Productive using Facebook and YouTube
Conficker non event
Skypes Battle with Carriers
Twitter Discover Engine
President Cyber Security Powers
Older Sling Obsolete for iPhone App
More Layoffs at Wired
4G Coming to the Country
Blubrry Podcast Uploader
Hubble Repair Mission a Go!
Clear Spot
Mini Sony HD Camera
Upload Speeds the Truth will haunt you!
April Fools Day Round Up!
Hulu measures Fail – Boxee Wins
Time Warner 40GB Cap Targets More Cities
iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak achieved!
Parkinsons Test Treatment
Macbook logo LED Hack
Eizo 56ing LSC
Google Secret Server?
Zune in your Living Room